After a long time working for Japanese corporations, Japanese culture and lifestyle have made a difference in customer care service, product quality ... And especially can not fail to mention The diverse cuisine of Japanese culture with refined, clean and high quality food and drink. Why are the Japanese famous for their long, good health at the top of the world? Is longevity health a significant contributor to how we eat and take care of ourselves? When you eat and drink foods that enter your body, if enough nutrients are both clean and microbiological, safe, ... your body will absorb well, be safe and healthy.

Therefore, Callme Coffee formed the idea of ​​providing a small portion of favorite drinks by taking care of the ingredients to ensure the criteria of CLEAN EAT - DRINK CLEAN - HEALTHY LIFE.

Coming to Callme Coffee, you will enjoy roasted coffee from pure coffee beans produced according to cafe association standards. Moreover, water is made with coffee and ice at Callme Coffee completely using clean water through the system of water treatment, water purification with the world's leading advanced technology from Japan.

At Callme's showroom, you will not only get a great experience of water treatment technology but you will also enjoy the delicious glass of water that has been processed from the main water filter through Dileka negative ion water filter system and Kitz Micro Filter also keeps the natural mineral in the water, good for health.

Here, you also have the opportunity to experience all kinds of drinking water from the world's leading water purifier devices from Japan.

This is a great combination and the first showroom in Vietnam gives you the experience between high-tech water filtration system and delicious coffee cups selected coffee beans from the famous Cau Dat country, production of international standards.

The drinks prepared using clean, safe, quality water will bring delicious, refreshing, reassuring to users.

The passion of Callme wants to bring to our customers the most quintessential things from the quality of service to the quality of products the company provides.